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Business Projects 


ThinkData Works


At ThinkData Works, we are collecting, validating, and processing data into a central repository for researchers. We provide free access to anyone that can benefit from this data.


Wellington Dupont

Senior Advisor

Wellington Dupont is a North American public affairs firm with strong talent working closely across Canada and the United States. With offices across North America  WD's approach ensures consistent and seamless results throughout all offices while keeping top of mind policy and regulations on both sides of the border. 

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Reshoring Canada

Co-Chair & Co-Founder

Advocating for Canadian supply chain modernization and resiliency.


Toronto Business Development Centre


Founded in 1990, Toronto Business Development Centre (TBDC) is a pre-seed accelerator designed to help you access the North American Market.


Red Light Holland

Advisory Board Member

Red Light Holland is the future of business revolving around the production, growth and sale of recreational EU-GMP medical grade truffles. Providing health and wellness benefits to the market with the highest of standards. 

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