MP Priorities

Supporting Businesses and Job Growth

The Conservative Government will continue to keep taxes low, promote job growth and re-build Canada’s economy.

“Constituents across Parry Sound-Muskoka tell me they want us to focus on creating jobs and strengthening our economy,” says MP Clement. “That means a lower tax plan making it easy to invest in business, and investment creates jobs.”

The Next Phase of Canada’s Economic Action — a low-tax plan for jobs and growth — extends the accelerated capital cost allowance for Canadian manufacturers for two additional years. Extending this measure will save Canadian manufacturers more than $600 million in 2012-2013, and an estimated $2.5 billion over the next five years.

The two-year write-off will promote investment in critical new machinery and equipment to complete the Canadian recovery. Support for these investments will translate directly into more and better jobs for Canadian workers. Our Conservative Government will also introduce a $1,000 Employment Insurance tax credit for any new employees hired by a small business.

We are also moving forward with the Red Tape Reduction Commission, which will apply a small business lens to regulations to ensure that they do not have unintended impacts.

Other supports for businesses:

– Extending BizPal, an online service for businesses that provides streamlined, customized one-stop shopping for information on required permits and licences.

– Providing $20 million over two years for the Canada Youth Business Foundation, enabling young Canadians to launch more than 1,000 new businesses and generate an estimated 6,700 new jobs.

Getting Tough on Criminals

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Government is focused on ensuring that our communities remain safe and that criminals are put behind bars.

The Criminal Code will be amended to double the federal victim surcharge and make it mandatory. The Conservative Government will also introduce mandatory minimum penalties for sexual offences against children.

“The Harper Government has a strong record of pursuing an aggressive tough-on-crime agenda, believing that criminal law should be more victim-oriented and that sentences should reflect the gravity of crimes committed,” says MP Clement. “When I talk to constituents, they tell me they want criminals to face the full weight of our justice system.”

Ending the Long-Gun Registry

Tony Clement is proud to stand up for hunters and farmers and vote as part of the Conservative Government to scrap the wasteful long-gun registry.

“We’ve known from the get-go that this is a fatally flawed registry that insults law-abiding gun owners in Northern Ontario,” notes MP Clement. “I promised to keep fighting against this registry, and with a Conservative majority government, we can now finish the job.”

“The long-gun registry has not only wasted a billion tax-payer dollars,” says MP Clement, “It has unfairly criminalized the wrong people. It does nothing to make our streets safer from violent gun crime.”

The Conservative Government is also committed to creating a wildlife and hunting advisory panel — comprised of experts from hunting, angling and conservation associations who will ensure the views of rural Canadians are fully represented in Ottawa.

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