MP Tony Clement extends support and congratulations to Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve

April 1, 2019


Ottawa, Ontario – March 18, 2019 – MP Tony Clement is pleased to announce that Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve has been approved by Environment and Climate Change Canada to receive a funding of $14,010.00 for its Monarch and Milkweed Project.

The Reserve Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve, which was designated as a globally-important region by UNESCO in 2004, has designed a one-year Habitat Stewardship Program to address the survival rate of the Species at Risk Act-listed Monarch (Special Concern).

Its objective is to create a new habitat for the Monarch in the Eastern Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve that will provide alternate breeding and nectaring sites, while being located away from roadsides to reduce the risk of road mortality.

Schools, First Nations communities and municipalities along Eastern Georgian Bay will be consulted to select appropriate sites for the plantings on First Nation territory, municipal land or private land.

“It is with great pleasure that I continue to support the great work of the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve in my riding, said MP Clement. Georgian Bay is not only a vital natural resource, but its protection ensures that we are able to enjoy it for generations. The Bay acts as an economic driver to support tourism and recreational industries in Parry Sound-Muskoka.”


For more information:

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Office of the Honourable Tony Clement

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