MP Clement and Conservative Opposition Hold High Spending Liberals to Account

December 14, 2017

OTTAWA – As the fall session of Parliament comes to a close ahead of Christmas, Parry Sound-Muskoka MP, Tony Clement, said the Conservative Opposition has been highly effective at holding the Liberal government to account and exposing their high tax, high spending agenda.

“It has become apparent that the Liberals are highly ineffective at governing, allowing the deficit to swell to $20 billion, hurting small business owners with punishing tax grabs, being unable to negotiate important trade deals, and letting ISIS fighters return to Canada unchecked,” said Clement.

The Conservatives have mounted an effective opposition to the Liberals agenda on many fronts, including forcing them to revise some of their tax grab proposals on small businesses and farmers.

“After relentless pressure from the Conservative Party, the Liberals agreed to revise some of their proposals. However the Liberals could have released the details of tax changes weeks ago, instead they gave local business owners two and a half weeks – over the Christmas holidays – to figure out the impact,” said Clement, adding that even with the revisions, the tax changes will be an additional burden on small business owners and their families.

Meanwhile, the Trudeau Liberals continue to misspend taxpayer dollars on bizarre and self-regarding projects like the $5 million temporary ice rink on Parliament Hill.

MP Clement welcomes new Conservative Leader, Andrew Scheer. “I am certain the Andrew Scheer will continue to grow on Canadians, and present a Party and Caucus ready to govern in 2019,” he said.

In November, MP Clement introduced his first Private Members` Bill, The Prevention of Radicalization through Foreign Funding Act. The legislation would act as powerful and practical tool to stem the flow of foreign funding that would promote radicalization and extremism in Canada. The Bill will receive further debate in 2018.

MP Clement was also active in his role has Shadow Cabinet Minister for Procurement. He has challenged the government to stop delaying important military contracts, including for new fighter jets and ships for the navy. He is also serving as a member of the new and ground-breaking National Security and Intelligence Review Committee of Parliamentarians.

The fall session also saw MP Clement and the Conservative Official Opposition active on numerous issues important to Parry Sounders, Muskokans and all Canadians. These include:

  • Demanding answers from the government on why returning ISIS fighters are being allowed back into Canada unchecked.


  • Continuing to press for details on Finance Minister Bill Morneau`s business dealings, and Justin Trudeau`s lavish vacation last year to a private island. Both remain under active investigation by the ethics commissioner.


  • Supporting the LGBT apology to hundreds of men and women unjustly discriminated against by the government during a dark chapter in Canadian history.


  • Challenging the Liberals on why the new Infrastructure Bank is designed to give wealthy investors all the profit, while Canadian taxpayers will shoulder all the risk.

“It has become clear that this Liberal government has broken many of its election promises to Canadians, not the least of which is keeping the deficit to $10 billion. In the coming year, we know the Liberals will be busy finding ways to fund their high spending ways with tax grabs. You can be assured I will be challenging them every step of the way alongside my Conservative colleagues, while offering positive alternatives that reflect the interests of Canadians,” said Clement.