Liberals Summer Jobs Values Test Targets Personal Beliefs

February 2, 2018

PARRY SOUND-MUSKOKA – As the deadline for the Canada Summer Jobs program passes today, Parry Sound-Muskoka MP Tony Clement said that it is disappointing that Justin Trudeau has made no change to the Liberals’ values test.


“The right to freedom of belief and opinion is guaranteed by Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Canadians should be very concerned that the Government of Canada is basing funding decisions on whether or not you hold a certain belief,” said Clement.


Justin Trudeau introduced a values test for Canadians applying for the Canada Summer Jobs program. This policy targets the personal beliefs of the individuals who run those organizations. 


Conservatives are concerned that Trudeau will apply his values test to Canadians receiving other services, including organizations that receive charitable status from the Canada Revenue Agency. It makes one wonder, was Bombardier forced to sign Justin Trudeau’s values test before the company received hundreds of millions in taxpayer support? 


“Under Justin Trudeau’s values test, if you don’t agree with the ideological positions of the Liberal Party, your organization will no longer be eligible to receive funding for a summer student,” said Clement. “I am concerned for the students who won’t find work as a result of this decision. Individuals who hold private convictions may, for example, no longer be able to help care for the disabled, refugees, or provide day camp for children in need.”