Liberals Head into Summer with Record of High Taxes and Broken Promises

June 21, 2017

OTTAWA – As the House of Commons rises for the summer, Parry Sound-Muskoka MP and Conservative Public Safety critic, Tony Clement, said the Liberal government at mid-mandate has left a trail of reckless spending, broken promises, and ethical breaches that have no end in sight.

“The government leaves for the summer with a dismal record of dangerous criminals going free because of lack of judicial appointments, lavish vacations to exclusive islands at the taxpayers` expense, and bloated deficits that our grandchildren will be forced to pay off,” said Clement.

“And as Parry Sounders and Muskokans get ready to celebrate summer, we also have the Liberals raising taxes on hardworking families, including a tax on wine and beer, and they will increase this tax every year going forward.”

Clement said the Liberal legislative track record is abysmal on numerous fronts, and shows a lack of regard for the priorities of Canadians.

• After promising a $10 billion deficit and a return to balance by 2019, the Liberals have overspent by more than $30 billion. The last budget maintains the Liberal spending spree, resulting in deficits piling up for the next 30 years.

• The Liberal government is making it more difficult for law enforcement and security agencies to prevent terror attacks on Canadian soil by gutting the tools put in place by the former Conservative government.
• The Prime Minister has favoured a foreign policy which spurns Canada’s traditional allies in favour of appeasing the dictatorships of Moscow, Tehran and Beijing.
• The Liberal-approved sale of advanced communications technology to China is yet another example of this government’s dangerously naïve approach to world affairs.
• Where are the details on how our kids will be protected from new marijuana laws? There is no consequence, not even a warning provision, for minors aged 12-17 caught with under five grams of marijuana.

• How will the issue of roadside testing for marijuana be addressed? There is currently no comparable technology to detecting alcohol impairment. What tools are going to be used for pot detection, and who will pay the costs?

• Since coming to office the Liberals have consistently cut the Department of National Defence’s budget and made a mess of important procurement projects, including replacing our fighter jets and navy vessels.
• The Liberals wasted precious time on bungling their electoral reform agenda, and in the process broke another campaign pledge that helped get them elected.
• The Liberals killed a Bill known as Wynn`s Law, named after RCMP Constable David Wynn, who was shot and killed in January 2015. The Bill, which received broad MP support, would have closed a bail hearing loophole that could save lives in future.

• The Liberals had received a pitch for $19 million over five years to support early detection, diagnosis and treatment for the estimated 1 in 68 Canadian kids with autism.Prime Minister Trudeau whipped his Liberal caucus to defeat the initiative despite broad support by MPs.
• The Prime Minister has refused to acknowledge he has been running cash-for access fundraisers to fill the pockets of the Liberal Party of Canada.