Liberals adopt Conservative Common Sense on UN Firearms Markings

May 18, 2017

OTTAWA – Conservative Public Safety Critic, Hon. Tony Clement, and Conservative Deputy Public Safety Critic, Larry Miller, issued the following statement regarding the decision of the Liberal Government to listen to Conservatives and defer the Coming into Force date of the UN Firearm Marking Regulations.

“Today is a good day for law abiding firearms owners. These regulations would not keep Canadians safer and would only serve to discourage people from participating in Canadian heritage activities like hunting and sport shooting.”

“By deferring the Coming into Force date until December 1, 2018 it is clear that our message is resonating. The Liberals must treat law abiding gun owners with fairness and respect.”

“While today is a good day, we must remember to keep up the pressure on the Liberal Government so that these regulations can be scrapped once and for all.”

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Office of Hon. Tony Clement, P.C., M.P.
Conservative Public Safety Critic