Liberal Rush to Embrace China Must Not Be at Expense of National Security, says Clement

January 11, 2017


OTTAWA – Ordering of a “fresh review” of O-Net Communications` takeover of a Canadian electronics company demonstrates the Liberal government`s desire to please China at any cost, said Official Opposition Public Safety critic Tony Clement.

The former Conservative government halted the takeover by the Chinese firm, O-Net, in 2015 due to national security concerns, but the Liberals have now quashed that order and want to re-look at the deal.

The Montreal-based company at the centre of the transaction, ITF Technologies, specializes in high-level solutions for specialized photonic applications such as underwater transmission, military manufacturing and manufacturing systems.

“No reasons have been provided as to why the Liberals want to re-open this case, but the government’s willingness to play nice with China has been clear. It is also clear that the Chinese government has been behind cyber attacks in Canada. In their reckless courtship of Chinese investment, the Liberals are abandoning all due diligence and caution,” said Clement.

The Conservative caucus is demanding the Liberal government come clean on why this deal is back on the table, and that Canadians be given all assurances that their security is not at risk thanks to the government`s imprudent rush to embrace China‎.