Liberal Law Weakens Security Agencies in Fight Against Terrorism

June 20, 2017

OTTAWA – Parry Sound-Muskoka MP and Conservative Public Safety critic, Tony Clement, said today that the Liberal overhaul of anti-terrorism laws is weakening Canada’s national security agencies and their ability to keep Canadians safe.

“Today’s legislation makes it clear that the Liberals do not take public safety seriously. In the days after horrific terror attacks in Europe and the day after a Canadian was convicted of attempting to leave Canada to join ISIS, the Liberals are watering down provisions that help law enforcement keep Canadians safe,” said Clement.

In an era when time is of the essence to thwart terrorist plots and protect innocent lives, the Liberals are hindering our security agencies from efficiently and effectively responding to threats. While our Five Eyes allies are all taking measures to strengthen national security, this legislation goes in the opposite direction.

“In the last six months, Canadians have witnessed acts of terrorism on our own soil with the brutal killing at the mosque in Quebec to countless attacks in recent weeks in Europe and other parts of the world.” said Clement. “It is highly inadvisable for the government to be pulling back on security provisions in these dangerous times. It`s also totally irresponsoble for the Liberals to table this Bill as Parliament prepares to rise for the summer, with no chance for thorough debate for months.”


Instead of cracking down on radicalization, the Liberals are actually creating loopholes that those who seek to radicalize our youth can exploit.

Bill C-59 sets a more difficult standard for law enforcement to detain a risk to public safety by requiring them to prove that detention would be “necessary” to prevent an attack, as opposed to the less onerous standard of “likely” to prevent an attack.

In the last Parliament, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Public Safety both voted in favour of Bill C-51. Today, in the dying days of this session, the Liberal government has weakened public safety to keep an ill-advised campaign promise.

Conservatives took ensuring the safety of Canadians seriously – that is why the previous government brought Canada’s national security laws into the 21st Century and in line with our allies.