Conservatives Target Liberal Tax Grab as House Resumes Sitting

September 18, 2017

OTTAWA – As the House of Commons resumed sitting today, the Conservative Party took the Liberal government to task for the tax grab it is set to impose on small business owners and farmers.

“In Question Period today, the Prime Minister had no answers as to why he is burdening business owners with higher taxes, jeopardizing job creation and entrepreneurism in Parry Sound-Muskoka and across Canada,” said Clement.

“Over the summer I travelled to all parts of our country, and everywhere I went I heard clearly from Canadians who are worried about Justin Trudeau’s tax hikes. Today, the fall session of Parliament begins and our great Conservative Party of Canada team is here to hold Justin Trudeau accountable for his decisions. Canada’s Conservatives believe in prosperity for everyone, including keeping taxes low, so we’ll be fighting the Trudeau tax hikes every step of the way,” said Conservative Party Leader, Andrew Scheer.

Higher taxes help no one. Yet Justin Trudeau wants to make local businesses and farmers pay more to the government, regardless of the workers whose jobs will be put at risk, or the impact that this tax hike will have on communities.

“The Liberals should focus on getting their spending under control, instead of hammering Canadians with tax grabs to pay for their ever-increasing load of debt. There is an alternative for Canadian taxpayers – a Conservative Party that respects local businesses and the Canadians who rely on local businesses for their paycheck,” said Clement.