Conservatives Stand Ready to Challenge Liberals on New Gun Legislation, says Clement

June 7, 2017

OTTAWA – Parry Sound Muskoka MP and Conservative Public Safety critic, Tony Clement, said law-abiding gun owners need to be alerted after the Liberal government announced today that it will introduce “An Act to amend the Ending the Long-gun Registry Act”.

“The government has given notice it will introduce this Bill, but we have been given no details on what the Liberals are intending to achieve. Public Safety Minister, Ralph Goodale, says he is not going to implement another long-gun registry, but refuses to provide any specifics on the Liberals` agenda,” said Clement.

“What we do know is that the Liberals have no problem targeting law-abiding gun owners, and putting in place a billion dollar boondoggle gun registry that did nothing to keep guns away from criminals. The Conservative Party is the only one standing up for our law-abiding gun owners, and are ready to fight on their behalf again.”

Clement added that Canada already has stringent firearms regulations, educational, and licensing protocols in place to ensure safety, and he will stand up against any decision by the Liberal government that will negatively impact those who follow the law.